I joined the PreSafe team at AlzCare Labs as a Design Intern in the later stages of app design. Most of the app was already created, but the registration process had not yet been designed, so I was assigned to design its flow and create low-res wireframes. The app is designed to allow those who are supervising people with dementia to keep an eye on them through their mobile phone.

Low-res screens for the PreSafe registration flow

PreSafe has a variety of stakeholders, from young adults to elderly spouses, so I felt it was important to make the text clear and the buttons large enough to be accessible to everyone who might use the app. I also included a confirmation screen to make sure that users were ready for the registration process, and pop-up overlays for areas that needed a lot of explanation. I also included a screen warning users that the app would ask for camera permission, because that step was an issue during initial user testing.

High-res screens (created by my coworkers) with the user flow indicated

I also created low-res designs for several upcoming features that were not completed by the end of my time with AlzCare Labs. Shown below are various designs for an information dashboard, to allow users to quickly assess the status of the person they are overseeing. There is also a wireframe for how users will receive and open notifications. Notably, it includes a history feature, in case users accidentally close an alert without reading it.

Information dashboard low-res designs

Notification user flow low-res designs

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