The Conch was designed for the 2019 Pepper Canyon Mobility Hub designathon. Our team's focus was on physical and informational accessibility. We identified two problems with UCSD mobility: how to get here and where to go once here. In fact, incoming students and visitors know us as “UC Socially Dead.”

Promotional material for the Conch, illustrated by Jodie Lim

We began by focusing on wayfinding, but after interviewing campus visitors and identifying the "UC Socially Dead" issue, we pivoted to placemaking. We crafted a journey that begins at the planned Pepper Canyon trolley station and leads visitors in an intuitive way to the Conch. We made several conceptual sketches of the Conch to plan out features and spacing before beginning our our final infographic.
Floor Path Labels
Signposts with Details
Signposts with Map and Arrows
The Conch is a nexus of student culture and activity on the UCSD campus. Its features are listed on the infographic below. Some highlights are the shade and rain cover, which is currently lacking at UCSD, and the accessible information station. This would provide campus news in locally spoken languages and in audio format for those with visual impairments.

Infographic listing the features of the Conch, illustrated by Jodie Lim and annotated by me

The Conch won the designathon's "Storytelling" category and was one of five winners overall. You can view an article describing the designathon and the winning teams.
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