A four-hour sprint redesign of Illumina's NextSeq 550Dx Operating Software (NOS), which is used for gene sequencing. Illumina provided our team with the relevant sequence workflow screens from their current software and requested "improvement in usability, including improving the way the information is structured to increase findability of content/functions." We were also provided with the Illumina style guide and a design brief.

Sequencing workflow

We began by reviewing the information provided to us by Illumina. From the design brief, we learned that the primary users of the NOS are lab technicians, scientists, and researchers, meaning that we can assume users will have some specialized knowledge. We also reviewed the sequence workflow screens both to create a map of the steps involved (shown above) and to take note of any usability issues we encountered.

Brainstorm of changes to the interface

After reviewing the current state of the interface, we concluded that its main problem was its lack of appropriate information hierarchy. There were several extraneous buttons and grey was often used for clickable items, leading us to initially believe those items were inactive. Unimportant items were also placed with important items on the main menu. In addition, the interface did not conform well to Illumina's own style guides in terms of font and color.

Sketch of proposed new screens

We began the creation of our prototype by sketching out screens to make sure that our team agreed on all points of the redesign before we created high-res screens. We reorganized the menu screen, leaving the two main functions of the machine as clickable buttons and hiding the less used functions under a settings menu. We also made orange the main color of the system, highlighting clickable buttons and important features. Finally, we added a check screen to the test cancel button so that users no longer risk losing hours or days of work.
Splash Page
Home Screen
Run Selection
System Checks Beginning
System Checks End
Status Graph
Sequencing Completion Page
Exit Sequencing Confirmation Pop-Up
The screens shown above were created by me in Adobe Illustrator. All fonts and colors are taken from the Illumina style guide, and all images and details are copied from the original NOS screens.

Final NSDxDemo Protoype, with 8 of my screens and 6 screens contributed by my teammates

The screens shown above are our final prototype, combining my screens with those created by another team member. We were able to redesign every screen shown in the original NOS prototype within the time limit according to our proposed changes.
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