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  • "Request to Vanish" - The Reinvented Detective

  • "This Week in Clinical Dance: Urgent Care at the Hastings Center" - Diabolical Plots


Short Fiction Fridays

'Short Fiction Fridays: a newsletter' text overlaid on a digital painting of sun shining onto empty train seats

Short Fiction Fridays is my free email newsletter. Each issue contains a themed list of speculative fiction recommendations (one reader described it as "like a little anthology in your inbox"), complete with content warnings and spoiler-free plot blurbs. I’m not trying to review the whole field or all the newest releases. I just want to share some stories I’ve enjoyed over the years! You can subscribe below with the embedded Buttondown form, or read past newsletter issues online.

Author Bio

Photo of Lauren Ring

Lauren Ring (she/her) is a perpetually tired Jewish lesbian who writes about possible futures, for better or for worse. She is a World Fantasy Award winner and Nebula finalist, and her short fiction can be found in venues such as F&SF, Nature, and Lightspeed. When she isn’t writing speculative fiction, she is most likely working on a digital painting or attending to the many needs of her cat, Moomin. You can keep up with her at or on Twitter @ringwrites.

Photo Credit: Rowan Hurt