Published Work

Published in 2020

  • "Heart of Gold" - Pseudopod, March 2020

  • "A Party Planner's Guide to the Apocalypse" - Glitter + Ashes from Neon Hemlock Press, September 2020 (Purchase Here)

  • "What Eyes Can See" - Recognize Fascism from World Weaver Press, October 2020 (Purchase Here)

  • "Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise" - Apparition Lit, October 2020

  • "The Best Latkes on the Moon" - If There's Anyone Left, November 2020 (Purchase Here)

  • "Asymptotic Sunset" - Nature: Futures, November 2020

  • "All the World in Seafoam Green" - Rebuilding Tomorrow, November 2020 (Purchase Here)


  • "The Alamo Remembers" - Helios Quarterly

Author Bio

Photo of Lauren Ring

Lauren Ring (she/her) is a perpetually tired Jewish lesbian who writes about possible futures, for better or for worse. Her short fiction can be found in Pseudopod, Recognize Fascism, and Glitter + Ashes. When she isn’t writing speculative fiction, she is pursuing her career in UX design or attending to the many needs of her cat Moomin.